History of the Railroad alive at the Railroad Memories Museum

The Railroad Memories Museum in Spooner, Wisconsin houses one of the most fascinating collections of railroad memorabilia in the nation.  The museum got its start from the collection of the Railroad Memories Bar in downtown Spooner in 1990 and has been expanding each and every season since.  The Museum moved into the former Chicago & North Western railroad depot in 1992 and now every room in the building has been filled with interesting artifacts showcasing the history of Spooner and the railroad responsible for the town’s existence.

The Railroad Memories Museum is housed in what remains of a grand passenger depot.  The building was originally constructed in 1902  and at one time was almost twice the size of the current structure.  The current building originally housed the Omaha Railway Restaurant which operated 24 hours a day to service passengers and crew alike.  The two story northern half of the building which housed the ticket office, waiting room, baggage room and railroad offices was razed in 1961 following the end of passenger service.  The building remained as a railroad office until the railroad left town in 1992.

  The museum is staffed by retired railroaders from the area who give guided tours of the museum.  This interaction with real railroaders gives the visitor an in depth appreciation for the history of the objects and the people that used them.  A typical visit will consist of stories of events past and insight into the job of moving freight and passengers during the past century.   

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Tours are available other times by advance reservation, allow approximately 1 hour for tour.

The museum is located in the 1902  depot in downtown Spooner and can be reached at (715)635-3325 or (715)635-2752.  Check out their website at www.railroadmemoriesmuseum.org