Museum of Woodcarving Showcases One Man’s Passion for Wood

  The World Famous “Museum of Woodcarving” in Shell Lake, is the largest collection of wood carvings in the World created by one man, Joseph T. Barta, a most remarkable craftsman, who accomplished beyond comprehension, one hundred life-size figures and over four hundred miniature carvings. 

  Mr. Barta spent over 4 years completing “The Last Supper”, which will outlast Leonardo DaVinci’s delicate painting.  Ponderosa and Sugar Pines were used in all the life-size carvings, while the miniatures are oak, poplar, walnut, and basswood.

   In addition to being a master carver, Joe was also a deep thinker and a poet.  His poems are full of humor, wit, wisdom and philosophy.

   The Museum of Woodcarving has been featured numerous times on television and in many travel publications.

  The Museum of Woodcarving is located on Hwy. 63 N in Shell Lake and is open daily from May 1 to October 31 from 9 am to 6 pm.  The museum may be contacted by calling (715)468-7100.