Honor the Earth POW-WOW In Hayward Shows Respect for Mother Earth

Always held on the third weekend of July, the Honor the Earth Pow-wow is attended every year by nearly 10,000 people from the U.S., Canada, and other countries. The story of Honor The Earth is basically one of people standing up for their rights, and a humbling beginning by a small number of LCO people who wanted a better future for their tribe and people. “We must not forget the many sacrifices that were made on our behalf by our relatives before us. We must give thanks for our many blessings and show honor and respect to our Mother Earth, not just today but throughout our lifetime.” Traditional Native American music, dancing, crafts and food create an authentic tribal experience as people join in celebration as their relatives did for hundreds of years previously.

  Today, the Honor the Earth Pow-wow is the largest Pow-wow in North America.

  For a history of the Honor The Earth Pow-wow, please visit www.lcoschools.bia.edu/lco-hte.htm