Big Fish at Home at the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward is the home of the world’s largest Muskie.  The highlight of the museum complex is a landmark "Shrine to Anglers" which is a structure one-half city block long and four and one-half stories tall, of concrete, steel and fiberglass, hand-sculpted into the likeness of a leaping fish (Muskie). Its innards are a museum and its gaping open jaw accommodates about 20 persons or more as an observation platform. The landmark is surrounded by a quarter-acre nature pond.

  The adjacent four-building museum complex houses fishing artifacts housing an inventory of over 5,000 dated lures, hundreds of antique rods, reels and angling accessories, over 300 antique and classic outboard motors, and more than 400 mounts of near 200 different species of fish.

The museum is open daily from April 15 to November 1 and is located at 10360 Hall of Fame Drive in Hayward.  For schedule information please contact the museum at 715-634-4440 or visit them on the web at